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Boxing and/or Mixed Martial Arts for adults is very straight forward. The cost is $40 for your first 2 weeks and $100 per month if you stick around after your first two weeks. This allows you full access to the gym with coaching at all times the gym is open. You pay the first day you start. If you would like to surprise someone with a gift of paying their gym dues, we have gift certificates available. We don't do any contracts, gimmicks or anything weird or shady. We only accept cash or check. It's quite simple.


Youth Boxing Program 

Boys & Girls ages 8 years old - 16 years old  

$20 registration fee applies to all Youth members in addition to gym dues as described below;

$50 a month offers training and coaching 2 days a week Monday & Wednesday 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


$65 a month allows you full access to the gym with coaching at all times the gym is open.


Certified Personal Training

Private one on one training with no interruptions or distractions is offered by appointment and ranges from $25 an hour - $40 a session depending on how many sessions you commit to.

1 session $40 

3 sessions $99

12 sessions $299

* It is very important to note that we are not clock watchers or gym hustlers. In the gym and fitness industry history, Personal Training Sessions have been bought and sold in timed intervals. Often, a 30 minute, 60 minute or 90 minute session and of course the longer the session the more expensive it is. We could care less about any of that. We'll stop when you stop or your available time forces you to stop. We'll be more than happy to focus on any specific areas of need you are interested in. Another thing is if you pay for a one on one session, it will be just that - one on one for the duration of your session. Not one trainer training 3 people all at one time, who all paid for "one on one" training. That's another common gym hustle we don't adhere to. The only time another person would be involved in your one on one session would be if you and your trainer agreed to and prearranged this for the purpose of needing another body for partner drills. Or, of course, if you requested to bring a friend or family member with you for your session, that would be fine too and not cost you any more money than the above listed prices. We pride ourselves on integrity and keeping things simple. 

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